1 . CARSTENS P   The Social Structure of a Cape Coloured Reserve

Sociological analysis of the, mainly Nama, society at Steinkopf, Namaqualand, as well as a history of similar communities in the region, like Komaggas, Leliefontein and Richtersveld – all based on  their early concentration in reserves due to missionary influence.. 264 pp with bw illustrations and map. Good condition with dw. OUP 1966 1st ed. #90     


2 . CARSTENS  P   Always Here, Even Tomorrow

A collection of personal memories, ethnographical snippets and historical data on the Nama people in Namaqualand. 190 pp with bw illustrations. Fine condition in softcover. Xlibris 2007. #769     


3 . DUNN  E  J   The Bushman

The author, a geologist, spent some years in the service of the Cape Colony government and traversed Bushmanland in 1872, as well as investigating other parts of Namaqualand. This book is the result of his interaction with the last of the Cape Bushmen, though most of the material relates to Stone Age remains in the region. A very scarce item.. 130 pp with bw plates and map. Very good condition in original hardcover, no dw, eps replaced. Charles Griffin & Co 1931. #428     


4 . EMMETT  A  B   Steinkopf – Study of a Community in Decline ( not in collection )

HSRC 1987. #451     


5 . ENGELBRECHT  J  A   The Korana

Origins, history and ethnography of this numerically large Khoi tribe, which was forged out of diverse segments, originating from the Cape, Namibia and inland regions. As a tribal entity, the different clans inhabited a vast region along the Orange/Gariep river, from the Transvaal and OFS into Namaqualand.. 239 pp with bw plates. Good condition with dw. Maskew Miller 1936 1st ed. #93     


6 . HOERNLE  A  W  & HOOTON  E  A   1) Certain Rites of Transition and the Concept of !Nau among the Hottentots  2)Some Early Drawings of Hottentot Women

Two contributions on Khoi culture and physiognomy, the latter about dwgs by Thibault and an unknown artist. pp65 – 104 with bw plates. Good condition in hardcover. Harvard African Studies II, Harvard University 1918. #862     


7 . HOERNLE  W & CARSTENS  P ed   The Social Organization of the Nama

A number of essays of the noted anthropologist, whose main work centred around the Nama in the Richtersveld. 154 pp. Good condition in softcover. Wits University Press 1985. #721     


8 . KLINGHARDT  G  P   Death in Pella: Mortuary Rituals in a Namaqualand Reserve

An investigation of death rituals among the Nama.. 42 pp. Mint cond in wraps. Annals of the SA Mus 1994. #7     


9 . MAINGARD  L  F et al   Bantu Studies Vol IV No 2 – The Korana

A number of contributions on the tribal history, physical characteristics and musical instruments, gleaned from the remnants of Korana living in the western Transvaal of the time. pp 101-213 with bw photos and map. Good in tatty wraps. University of Witwatersrand Press 1932. #863     


10 . MALHERBE  C   Men of Men: Herders

A book aimed at primary school children, explaining the origins and ways of life of the Khoi people.. 85 pp with bw illustrations. Good condition in softcover, oblong  8vo. Shuter & Shooter 1988 2nd imp. #287     


11 . MOUNTAIN  A   The First People of the Cape

Study of the indigenous people, the San and Khoi, their cultural remains, and their history since the arrival of Europeans. 102 pp with colour and bw illustrations. Mint condition in softcover. David Philip 2003. #799     


12 . PARKINGTON  J & DLAMINI  N   First People Ancestors of the San

The authors track the evolution of man insofar as it is connected to the San, the acknowledged First People of the subcontinent, as well as looking at their cultural and artistic heritage, mainly in the Western Cape.. 142 pp with hundreds of illustrations, mainly in colour. Very good condition in oblong quarto hardcover. Krakadouw Trust 2015. #952     


13 . SCHAPERA  I   The Khoisan Peoples of South Africa

The standard work on the subject of the so-called Bushman and Hottentot peoples; the author has provided a critical summary of all sources, as well as his own observations and deductions. 445 pp with bw illustrations and fold-out map. Very good condition, rebound in maroon calf with marbled boards. Routledge & Keegan Paul 1930. #622     


14 . SHAW  E  M   Man in Southern Africa: the Hottentots

An overview of the Khoi tribes, their way of life, economy, material culture, recreation and religion. Bilingual English and Afrikaans texts. 16 pp with dwgs, bw illustration and map. In grubby wraps, A4 size. South African Museum 1972. #757     


15 . SHAW  E  M   Man in Southern Africa: The Bushmen

An overview of the San tribes, their way of life, economy, material culture, recreation and religion. Bilingual English and Afrikaans texts. 16 pp with dwgs, bw illustration and map. A4 size in softcover. South African Museum 1971. #796     


16 . SMITH A et al   The Bushmen of Southern Africa – a Foraging Society in Transition

The authors attempt to place the San in historical context and show how they are adapting to the modern world. 112 pp with bw illustrations. Mint condition in softcover. David Philip 2004. #798     


17 . SMITH SIR  A   On the Origin and History of the Bushmen (not in collection)

An article in which the author correctly concluded that the Khoi and San peoples of S Africa belonged to the same racial group.. pp 171-189. South African Quarterly Journal, Cape Town 1830. #469     


18 . STOW  G  W   The Native Races of South Africa

Notable early work on S African tribes, mainly the Khoisan. Although the book is based mainly on Stow’s reading of other sources, he interviewed several San and Khoi people during his travels. There are sections on the Koranna, Griqua, as well as San of the Namaqualand, Bushmanland and Cedarberg/Hantam region.. 618 pp with colour and bw plates, dwgs and fold-out map. Re-bound with original front cover and spine laid down. Ex library copy with stamps and Dewey no on spine, some archival repairs to folds of map, o/w good clean copy with foxing only on tp.. Swan, Sonnenschein & Co 1910 2nd ed. #496     


19 . WILSON  M  L   Notes on the Nomenclature of the Khoisan

The author endeavours to bring some order to the debate about the varying appellations for the indigenous groups of people formerly known as Hottentots and Bushmen. The conclusion is not final and even more confusing than the arguments.. pp 251-266. Mint condition in wraps. Annals of the S A Museum Vol 97 Part 8 1986. #539