1 . DEWAR  G  I   The Archaeology of the Coastal Deseert of Namaqualand, South Africa

A synthesis of mainly shell-middens’ excavations along the West Coast between the Groen and Buffels Rivers. 185 pp with bw illustrations and diagrams. Mint condition in A4 softcover. BAR Publishing 2008. #963     


2 . HUMPHREYS  A  J  B & THACKERAY  A  I   Ghaap and Gariep

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3 . KLEIN  R  G et al   Prehistoric Pastoralism in South Africa

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4 . KORN  H & MARTIN  H, Oakley  K  P,  DAVIES  O   1) The Pleistocene in South West Africa 2) Dating the Broken Hill, Florisbad and Saldanha Skulls 3) The Sangoan Culture in Little Namaqualand

Three excerpts on archaeology of the region.. .. photocopies. . .. #412     


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A study of protohistoric burials from the lower Orange River in the region of Kakamas.. 228 pp with bw illustrations and maps.. Mint condition. Limp covers. Wits University Press 1992 1st ed. #9     


6 . PARKINGTON  J   The Mantis, the Eland and the Hunter

The author, an archaeologist specializing in San art sites of the Cedarberg, takes the reader on a tour of rock art and the life-style of the San people of the region.. 63 pp with colour illustrations. Mint condition in softcover, sgd by author on tp. Krakadouw Trust 2002. #678     


7 . PARKINGTON  J   Shorelines, Strandlopers and Shell Middens

The author, an archaeologist specializing in the prehistory and rock art of the Western Cape, takes the reader on an tour of the world of the Strandloper, deciphered from the caves and shell-middens of the Cape coast. 127  pp with colour illustrations, dwgs and map. Mint condition in softcover. Krakadouw Trust 2006. #734     


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9 . SCHRIRE  C   Digging Through Darkness

An unusual book by an archaeologist. Part biography, partly the story of the excavations at Langebaan Lagoon to reveal the locations of the first settlements there ( Oudepost ); partly historical romance about the early contacts between Khoisan and Europeans.. 276 pp with bw illustrations. Very good condition in hardcover with dw. University Press of Virginia 1995 1st ed. #698     


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Short introduction to early man in Southern Africa. 16 pp with dwgs. Very good condition in A4 softcover. SA Museum 1975. #797     


11 . WILSON M L   The Strandloper Concept and its Relevance to the Study of the Past Inhabitants of the Southern African Coastal Region.

The author examines the prehistoric and historic record try to establish whether or not a distinct group of Khoi existed on the West and South coasts of the Cape, and which would justify the name of Strandloper as a separate tribal entity. 89 pp. Mint condition in wraps. Annals of the S A Mus Vol 103 Part 6 1993. #520