1 . ALEXANDER  J  E   An Expedition of Discovery into the Interior of Africa…

Account of famous journey through Namaqualand and deep into Namibia, ending at Walfish Bay.  The author shows a lively curiosity about natural history, and describes the lifestyle of the tribes he encounters. His ‘modern’ views and accomplished writing skills have made this an enduring classic of exploration.. First US ed of this early Namibian exploratory trip. 2 vols in one, 216 + 215 pp. Good cond in orig marbled boards half calf 8vo. Carey & Hart 1838. #63     


2 . ALEXANDER  J  E   Expedition of Discovery into the Interior of Africa, 2 Vols

Entertaining adventures in Namaqualand and South West Africa in the early 19th century. The author held some very advanced views for his times..  302 + 331 pp, with map and plates. Very good condition with slightly worn dw, ltd ed  of 750. Struik  1967 (1838) Facsimile repr. #473     


3 . ANDERSON  A  A   Twenty-five Years in a Waggon

The author travelled widely all over the subcontinent, including the Namaqualand, Bushmanland, Gordonia and Kalahari regions, though his references to places are very vague, and some doubts have been expressed as to his claims of areas covered in his treks.. 423 pp plus 40 pp ads, with bw plates and fold-out map.. Re-bound in half calf with marbled boards, very good condition.. Chapman & Hall 1888. #328     


4 . AXELSON  A ed   South African Explorers

A selection from the writings of some of the travellers, explorers, naturalists, sportsmen and churchmen who did much towards revealing the characteristics of the subcontinent to Europeans. Contains chapters on the travels of Simon van der Stel, Carel Brink, Anders Sparrman, John Barrow and John Campbell in the NW Cape.. 346 pp with map. Good condition in slightly worn hardcover. OUP 1954. #504     


5 . AXELSON  E   Vasco da Gama – his Travels through African Waters

A noted historian’s reconstruction of da Gama’s voyage which ncludes his landing at St Helena Bay and interaction with the local Khoi.. 102 pp with colour illustrations. Mint condition with dw. Stephan Phillips 1998 1st ed. #869     


6 . BACKHOUSE  J   Narrative of a Visit to Mauritius and South Africa

In spite of the title, the S African tour of mission stations takes up most of the book. The author toured the Western Namaqualand stations and penetrated into Namibia.. 648 pp with appendices, plates and fold-out maps. Rebound in 19th century floral boards, half black calf.. Hamilton Adams & Co 1844 1st ed. #22     


7 . BARROW  J   An Account of Travels into the Interior of South Africa, Vol 1 only

The author undertook three journeys in the years 1797-8, during the second, he went up the West Coast, up towards the Cedarberg, then onto the Hantam, Roggeveld, and westwards towards the Khamiesberg. His scientific observations and objective deductions are notable in his writings, as is his censorious attitude towards the colonists. His map, though full of flaws, represents a definite advance in knowledge of geography of the time.. 419 pp with engravings and map. Re-bound in modern half calf with marbled boards. Some light foxing in prelims, o/w good. bright copy.. Cadell & Davies 1801 1st ed. #11     


8 . BECKER  P   The Pathfinders

The author examines the achievements and failures of the white explorers, their contacts with the locals, animals and hostile terrain. 282 pp with bw illustrations and map. Fair condition in hardcover with dw, eps replaced. Viking 1985 1st ed. #819     


9 . BELL  C  D & NOLLOTH  M  S   Reports of the Surveyor-General Charles D Bell Esq on the Copper Fields of Little Namaqualand, and of Commander M S Nolloth of HMS ‘Frolic’ on the Bays and Harbours of that Coast

Much information on land issues of the indigenous inhabitants of the region, problems associated with the influx of miners, geology, communications and transport, by the surveyor-general, who spent some three months in his survey. The second part of the work consists of a survey of the bays and harbours of the NW coast by Cmdr Nolloth, with an eye to establishing better facilites for the export of the copper ores.. 45 pp with sketches and map. Good condition in wraps (photocopy). Cape of Good Hope 1853. #507     


10 . BERGH  O,  SCHRIJVER  I & MOSSOP  E  E ed   Journals of Bergh and Schrijver

Olof Bergh journals of his travels to Namaqualand, where his name is commemorated at Olof Berghfontein and he reached the Garies region, whence he had to return to the Cape due to drought. Schrijver went inland to the Karroo. 270 pp with woodcuts and maps. Good condition. VRS 1st Series No 12 1931. #114     


11 . BLOMMAERT  W, WIID  J  A, FRANKEN  J  L  M, MURRAY  I  M eds   Joernaal van Dirk Gysbert van Reenen

Travels by v Reenen mainly in E Cape, but also covers his trip which included Tulbagh.. 299 pp with fold-out map. Covers bleached spottily, some light foxing in text. VRS 1st Series no 18 1937. #113     


12 . BOTHA  C  G   Some Early Exploration and Travels in South Africa

Lecture delivered on 31st March 1916 to the Mountain Club. 8pp with folding map. Very good condition in wraps. Cape Times 1916. #831     


13 . BRADLOW F   Francis Masson’s Three Journeys at the Cape of Good Hope

An annotated account from fragmentary evidence of these journeys, which included the botanist’s collecting trips to the Hantam region.. 181 pp with colour illoustrations and two maps. Good condition. Tablecloth Press 1994 sgd. #103     


14 . (BRINK  C  F)   Nieuwste en Beknopte Beschryving van de Kaap der Goede Hoop nevens een Dag-Verhaal van eenen Landtogt naar het Binneste van Afrika door het Land der Kleine en Groote Namacquas. 2 vols in 1

While the first part of the book contains a general description of the Cape compiled by M Allamand and M Klockner, its importance lies in the second part. This consists of the journal of the expedition led by Captain Hendrik Hop and was kept by the expedition’s surveyor, Carel Frederik Brink. It penetrated farther north into Namibia – to the Karas Mountains – than had been reached by Europeans previously, and remains an important work on the exploration of the region.. 140 + 114 pp with 16 engraved folding plates. Very fine condition in half calf with marbled boards, slight wear on edges of covers only.. J H Schneider 1778 1st ed. #566     


15 . BURROW  J  & KIRBY  P  R  ed   Travels in the Wilds of Africa

The diary of a young man who accompanied Andrew Smith into the interior in the capacity of astronomer. 90 pp with bw illustrations. Very good codnition in hardcover no dw. Balkema 1971. #87     


16 . CAMPBELL  J   Journal of Travels in South Africa

Condensed version of Campbell’s travels in the NW Cape and Namaqualand in the years 1812-1814.. 228 pp with text illustrations. Good condition, 16mo format in orig covers.. Religious Tract Society 1837. #35     


17 . CAMPBELL  J   Travels in South Africa

Tour of mission stations in the early years of the 19th century. The author visited the Namaqualand missions during his tour, and gives a lively account of the country and people.. 582 pp, two plates and map replaced in facsimile.. Good condition in marbled boards , halfbound in brown calf, gilt on spine. Privately published 1815 1st ed. #65     


18 . CAMPBELL  J   Travels in South Africa, 2 Vols

The author was to be accompanied by Dr Philip on his tour throughout the eastern and northern Cape, but had to complete the journey on his own due to other developments. His travels this time led him far into the modern Botswana, but included parts of Bushmanland.. 322 +382 pp with 13 colour plates. Very good condition in octavo half calf with marbled paper-covered boards. The endpapers have been replaced and the books recased. Francis Westley for the London Missionary Society 1822. #929     


19 . CLEMENT  A  J   The Kalahari and its Lost City

The thoroughly researched debunking of the famous myth created by Farini’s book.. 214 pp, bw illustrations and frontispiece, maps as eps. Good condition, worn dw, with inscription by author. Longmans 1967 1st ed. #66     


20 . CORNELL  F  C   The Glamour of Prospecting

One of the most famous and readable  books on prospecting in the NW Cape, Namaqualand, Kalahari and Richtersveld. The author literally missed discovering the diamond riches of the region by a hair’s breadth.. 334 pp with bw illustrations and fold-out map. Ex Parliamentary Library copy, some stamps on prelims, some small spots on covers, otherwise good condition. T Fisher Unwin 1920 1st ed. #67     


21 . DE MIST A U   Diary of a Journey

Charming description of the journey made to accompany her father round the Cape, by the daughter of Commissary J A de Mist. The journey includes part of the West Coast and Hantam.. 57 pp with frontispiece and map. Very good condition no dw, de luxe ed, quarterbound with marbled boards. Balkema no date. #149     


22 .  E J D (DUNN E  J)   Through Bushmanland Parts  I & II

Entertaining journey by horsecart through the arid inland regions of Bushmanland.. (? Pt I) pp31-42. Good. Cape Monthly Magazine December 1872 + January 1873. #229     


23 . FARINI  G  A [HUNT W L]   Through the Kalahari Desert

The famous trip that introduced the concept of the  ‘Lost City of the Kalahari’, by the American showman who came to South Africa on a sporting holiday.. 475 pp with illustrations and fold-out map. Very good condition with dw, ownership in prelims. Struik 1973 ltd ed repr. #68     


24 . FORBES  V & ROURKE  J   Paterson’s Cape Travels 1777-1779

A different and expanded version of text from the very brief writings published in Paterson’s lifetime, with annotations and footnotes by two eminent historians.. 202 pp with numerous colour illustrations and maps. Fine condition with dw. Brenthurst Press No 6 1980 1st ed, lt ed of 1000 copies. #69     


25 . FORBES  V  S   Pioneer Travellers of South Africa

Standard work on routes, records and opinions of early travellers and an invaluable reference for early place names in the Cape. Includes all the main NW Cape, Namaqualand journeys.. 177 pp with numerous bw illustrations and maps. Good condition with worn dw. Balkema 1965 1st ed. #112     


26 . GODEE MOLSBERGEN  E  C   Reizen in Zuid Afrika; Vols 1 & 2 Tochten naar het Noorden 1652-1686 & 1686-1806

Contains Dutch texts of the early explorers up the West Coast into Namaqualand, like Cruythoff, van Meerhof, Bergh, Brink, Coetzee, van Reenen, van der Stel, Lichtenstein etc.. 254 + 310 pp with 21 bw plates and colour map at end of each volume.. Very fine condition with dw. s’Gravenhage, M Nijhoff  1976 repr. #450     


27 . GOLDIE  F   Lost City of the Kalahari

The author endeavours to prove its existence and draws on the experiences of Farini, Dr Haldeman and others for her information.. 139 pp with 14 bw illustrations and maps. Excellent condition with dw. Balkema 1963 1st ed. #70     


28 . HODGSON  T  L   The Journals of Rev T L Hodgson

The author travelled to the Orange River then on to Silverfontein, Leliefontein and Kamiesberg and back to the Cape.. 231-243 pp with map. Photocopy. . 1815. #413     


29 . HOERNLE W   Trails in the Thirstland

Hoernle’s travels among the Nama of the Richtersveld and Strandveld, while doing anthropological research during two expeditions 1912-13 and to Namibia in 1922-3. 198 pp with 3 maps. Good condition in limp covers. UCT 1987. #95     


30 . KIRBY  P  H   Heerenlogement and its Visitors

An investigation into thie historic cave shelter and its visitors. pp 352-385 with bw illustrations. Very good condition in wraps, inscribed by author on front. South African Association for the Advancement of Science 1942. #837     


31 . KIRBY  P  R   Sir Andrew Smith

Travels, life and work of noted scholar and natural historian. Includes a chapter on his 1828 trip to Namaqualand to investigate the state of the Bushmen due to their marauding practices along the Northern Frontier.. 358 pp with 16 plates & maps. Good condition with faded dw, ownership of  R H Immelman on eps. Balkema 1965 1st ed. #468     


32 . KOCK  J  H  M   De Roemrijke Rei van de Zuid-Afrikaansche Reisbeschrijvers en hunne Reizen

The author summarises the early travels through the subcontinent, including Kolbe, Sparrman, le Vaillant, Barrow, Lichtenstein among other luminaries. Dutch Text.. 433 pp with colour and bw plates and photos. Original hardcover, eps replaced, generally good condition, ownerships and presentation stamp in prelims. HAUM 1904 1st ed. #456     


33 . LE VAILLANT F   Reize in de Binnelanden van Afrika langs de Kaap de Goede Hoop 5 Vols

A full description of the author’s trek along the southern coast eastwards and back to the Cape, as well as  into the thirstlands of Namaqualand and over the Orange/Gariep River into Namibia. 352+364+333+374 +394pp with numerous bw plates, some folding. In modern quarter calf with original marbled paper-covered boards, new endpapers. Generally excellent condition.. Honkoop & Allart, te Leyden & Amsterdam 1797 1st Dutch ed thus. #71     


34 . LICHTENSTEIN  H   Reisen im Südlichen Afrika 1803-1806

Reprint of noted German traveller’s work. German text. The author records meticulously all matters of historical and natural interest encountered during his wide travels, which include the journey with Commissioner-General J A de Mist up the West Coast towards the northern border of the colony in 1803, as well as another through Bushmanland as far as Kuruman. 662 +685 pp with illustrations and map. Very good condition in hardcover with dw. Brockhaus 1967. #902     


35 . LICHTENSTEIN  H   Travels in Southern Africa in the Years 1803-6, 2 vols

The author records meticulously all matters of historical and natural interest encountered during his wide travels, which include the journey with Commissioner-General J A de Mist up the West Coast towards the northern border of the colony in 1803.. 470 + 498 pp plus appendix, with engraved plates, some folding and fold-out map. Good condition except for light foxing in prelims; some offsetting. Bound in contemporary half-calf with marbled boards. Henry Colburn 1812 1st English ed. #965     


36 . MEIRING  J   The Truth in Masquerade

The adventures of Francois le Vaillant with summaries of both his journeys, the latter up to the Orange/Gariep River and into Namibia. A welcome addition to works by the flamboyant French traveller, for those who are unable or unwilling to read  the lengthy original works.. 242 pp with bw plates and maps as eps. Very good condition with dw. Juta 1966 1st ed. #18     


37 . MOFFAT R   Missionary Labours and Scenes in Southern Africa

Namaqualand, Namibia and Kuruman experiences of this noted missionary.. 624 pp with 22 Baxter engravings, coloured frontis and folding map. Halfbound in maroon calf with marbled boards. Some foxing. covers a bit worn.. John Snow 8th thousand 1844. #21     


38 . MOFFAT  R   Journey from Colesberg to Steinkopf in 1854-5

The author, son of the noted missionary, was contracted to the Copper Mining Company as agent and surveyor for two years. He undertook the trek, basically exploring the western, southern and northern boundaries of Namaqualand, as well as making a number of shorter trips from Springbok. His observations on the region, the people, the geology, as well as his recommendations for improved communication,  make interesting reading.. 34 pp plus folding map. Good condition in facsimile wraps. Journal of the Royal Geographical Society Vol 23 1858. #513     


39 . MOSSOP  E  E   Old Cape Highways

The author traces the routes of the early travellers to the northwest, as well as Eastern Cape. Contains summaries of 17th century explorers’ journals,  like Cruse, Bergh, Danckaert, van Meerhof etc.. 202 pp with bw plates and six maps, 4 of which fold out. Good condition, light foxing mainly in prelims, qtrbound in grey calf with orig boards. Maskew Miller (1927). #118     


40 . MOSSOP  E  E  ed   Journal of Wikar, Coetse & van Reenen

The first record of a European to have crossed the Orange River (Coetse) as well as the life of a renegade among the Hottentots ( Wikar) and lastly, an expedition into Namibia, led by a burgher of the Cape.. 323 pp with 2 fold-out maps. Good condition. VRS 1st Series, No 15 1935. #108     


41 . MOSSOP  E  E ed, BRINK  C  F & RHENIUS  J  T   The Journals of Brink and Rhenius

Two of the early exploratory trips north from the Cape into Namaqualand in the 18th century, with notes by the author, who traced the routes of their travels.. 160 pp with fold-out maps and facsimiles. Ex library copy with stamps and pockets, somewhat marked covers.. VRS 1st Series No 28 1947 repr. #99     


42 . PATERSON  W   A Narrative of Four Journeys into the Country of the Hottentots and Caffraria

Classic on early travel in South Africa. Paterson visited the mouth of the Orange River in company with Col. J Gordon during one of these journeys.. 171 pp with bw plates and fold-out map. Rebound in half calf and marbled boards. Book trimmed top and bottom slightly unevenly, some repaired damage to a few page corners. Slight occasional foxing.. J  Johnson 1789 1st ed. #246     


43 . PEARSON  H  H  W   Travels of a Botanist in SWA

The author, who led the Percy Sladen Memorial Expedition of 1908-9 from the Cape to the Kunene, gave this lecture to explain the geographical background, and some account of the botanical nature of the regions traversed during the journey. This includes a number of localities in Namaqualand.. 32 pp with bw illustrations. Photocopy of orig.. Royal Geographical Society 1910 January 10. #205     


44 . PHEIFFER  R  H & DE WET  G  C   Simon van der Stel’s Journey to Namaqualand in 1685

A large-format reprint of the journal of van der Stel’s trek to the Copper Mountain.. 431 pp with 70 colour plates, facsimile pages of the original text, transcription into Dutch and English translation. Very good condition with dw, unrelated inscr on eps. Human & Rousseau 1979. #261     


45 . QUINTON  J  C, LEWIN ROBINSON  A  M & SELLICKS  P  W  M eds   Francois Le Vaillant – Traveller in South Africa, 2 Vols

A fine work on the drawings and paintings by the traveller which came into the hands of the National Library of South Africa. The work traces his route on both expeditions and there are numerous critical evaluations by specialists in a number of fields.. 172 + 181 pp text plus numerous colour plates, 2 maps. Good condition in hardcover. Library of Parliament 1973. #72     


46 . RAPER  P  E & BOUCHER  M eds [GORDON  R  J]   Robert Jacob Gordon, Cape Travels 1777-86

The full diaries of the famous explorer and naturalist, including his journey to the mouth of the Gariep/Orange River.. 465 pp in two vols, illustrated in colour with maps. Mint condition with dw. Brenthurst 1988 1st ed. #107     


47 . RAVENSTEIN  E  G   The Voyages of Diogo Cão and Bartolomeu Dias 1482-88

Short descriptions of the two voyageurs down the west coast of Africa, which includes Dias’ landings at Walvis Bay and sight of Namaqualand coast near the Gariep. 26 pp with three folding maps. Very good condition in linen-covered boards. State Library 1986. #822     


48 . [RIDSDALE  B]   My First Journey

The author, a Wesleyan missionary, gives a lively description of his travels from Cape Town to the Orange River and from thence onwards to Nisbeth Bath.. 193-209 pp. Good condition in wraps. Cape Monthly Magazine 1870 October. #289     


49 . RIDSDALE  B   Scenes and Adventures in Great Namaqualand

Missionary travels dealing with his journey through Namaqualand and a stay along the Orange river, as well as describing his work at Warbaths in Namibia. 293 pp. Mint in softcover POD. Kessinger 2008. #415     


50 . [RIDSDALE  B]   In the Desert (Chapt 2 of My First Journey)

The author, a Wesleyan missionary, gives a lively description of his travels from Cape Town to the Orange River and from thence onwards to Nisbeth Bath.. 95-106 pp. Good condition in wraps. Cape Monthly Magazine 1871 February. #884     


51 . [RIDSDALE  B]   In the Desert (Chapt the last of My First Journey)

The author, a Wesleyan missionary, gives a lively description of his travels from Cape Town to the Orange River and from thence onwards to Nisbeth Bath.. 207-217 pp. Good condition in wraps. Cape Monthly Magazine 1871 April. #885     


52 . ROBINSON  E  F   With the da Gamas in 1497

Historical fiction. Contains a description of the landing at St Helena Bay, as well as comments on the Khoi.. 233 pp with bw illustrations. Very poor condition, no back. Juta 1922. #154     


53 . SCHULTZE  L  S   Aus Namaland und Kalahari

As well as travelling extensively in Namibia and in the Kalahari, the author made a journey from Port Nolloth up the Orange/Gariep river, and recorded the natural history of the region. 752 S. Mit 25 Tafeln in Heliogravure u. Lichtdruck, 1 Karte u. 286 Textabbildungen.. photocopy bound. Jena, Fischer, 1907. #238     


54 . SOMERVILLE  W   Narrative of Journeys to E. Cape Frontier and to Lattakoe

One of the accounts of this Northern Cape expedition of 1801-2 made famous by Daniell’s two works on the trip.. 253 pp with bw plates and fold-out map. Good condition except for tapemarks on eps. VRS 2nd Series No 10 1979. #871     


55 . SPARRMAN  A   Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope……

Sparrmann touched on the southern area of Namaqualand, Hantam and Bushmanland in his travels.. 331 & 296 pp with numerous bw plates and fold-out maps. Excellent condition. VRS 2nd Series Nos 6 & 7 1974 & 1977 repr. #76     


56 . THOMPSON G   Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa

Much of the author’s travels were in the arid Namaqualand area up to the Orange river, while the remainder was in the Eastern Cape. The style of writing is so accomplished that it is assumed that Thomas Pringle had a hand in the published version of the journals.. 450 & 430 pp with plates, some colour, vignettes and fold-out maps. In marbled boards, halfbound green calf with gilt spine. Some light foxing, o/w very good condition. Henry Colburn 1827 2nd ed. #77     


57 . THOMPSON  G   Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa, 2 Vols

Reprint of a very popular work on travel in South Africa during the early 19th century. 187 + 277 pp with plates, vignettes and fold-out maps. Very good condition. VRS 1st Series Nos 48 & 49 1967 + 1968. #475     


58 . THUNBERG  C  P   Travels at the Cape of Good Hope

Noted botanical explorer’s travels. He went as far north as Heerenlogement and then east to Hantam.. 366 pp with bw plates and fold-out map. excellent condition. VRS 2nd Series No 17 1986 repr. #115     


59 . VALENTYN  F   Beschryving van de Kaap der Goede Hoope, met de  zaken daartoe behorende Vol 5 only

A valuable contribution on the Cape, Madagascar and Mauritius, including the first printing of the  journal of Simon van der Stel’s trip to Namaqualand in 1685, as well as Starrenburg’s  1705 trip into the Sandveld. There is also some secondhand information on the Khoi tribes. Dutch text.. 160 pp, plus addenda, instructions to binder and index, with engravings and fold-out map. Fair condition, some time-staining, worn full calf binding. From the library of Sir Abe Bailey with his bookplate and that of Sydney Mullne.. Johannes van Braam, Amsterdam, Gerard onder de Linden 1724-6. #406     


60 . WATERHOUSE  G   Supplement to : Simon van der Stel’s Journal of his Expedition to Namaqualand 1685-6

A supplement to the original translation, including appendixes containing a letter to Secunde de Man from the Olifants River, and a mineralogical report by Friederich Mathias von Werlinhof on the copper deposits as well as an evaluation by A W Rogers of the same.  In addition there are a number of corrigenda and notes.. 20 pp with bw frontis. photocopy. Hodges, Figgis & Co 1953. #563     


61 . WATERHOUSE  G  ed   Simon van der Stel’s Journal of his Expedition to Namaqualand

The first serious overland voyage up the West Coast in search of mineral wealth in 1685, by the then Governor of the Cape. This version taken from the so-called Dublin text.. 183 pp with 44 bw plates and sketch map. Re-bound in half-calf with marbled boards, very good condition, inscr by K Campbell on ep. Longmans Green 1932 1st ed. #80     


62 . WILSON  M  L et al eds.   Codex Witsenii

Annotated watercolours of landscape, animals and flora encountered by the expedition of Simon van der Stel to the Copper Mountains in Namaqualand in 1685/6.. 190 pp with colour plates and maps. Mint condition with dw. Iziko Museums 2002. #429