1 . BEHM  S & WALTERS  M  M   Die Weskus van die Kaap

A photographic tribute to the stark beauty of the West Coast and its people. Afrikaans text.. 66 pp colour and bw illustrations and captions.. Very good condition in laminated hardcover. Tafelberg 1998 1st ed. #349     


2 . BEHM  S & WALTERS  M  M   Die Swartland is my Tuisland

A mainly photographic tribute to the historic Swartland region, extending from Malmesbury to Pieketberg. Afrikaans text.. 64 pp colour and bw illustrations and captions.. Very good condition in laminated hardcover. Perskor 1990 1st ed. #811     


3 . BLANCHETON  E   Universal Exhibition 1855: Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, Vade Mecum [not in collection]

A book detailing the Cape, its agricultural and mining potential, specially produced for the Paris Universal Exhibition, by the then French Consul at the Cape, at the behest of C H Darling and Sir George Grey. The Namaqualand interest lies in the reproduction of the Namaqualand map and diagrams of C Bell’s ” Report on the Copper Fields of Little Namaqualand”. English/French texts.. 268 pp with diags, maps and tables. Fine leather binding, good condition. Cape Town 1855. #495     


4 . CLANWILLIAM SAKEKAMER   Clanwilliam, Citrusdal en Distrik

Brochure about the region and its amenities. Afrikaans text.. Unpaginated.. Fair condition in worn wraps + ex library copy in hardcover. Clanwilliam Sakekamer 1961. #352     


5 . DE KLERK  W  A & BURGERS  T   Cedar People

Photographic essay of the Cedarberg region and its people.. Unpaginated with bw photos. Good condition with worn dw, but htp has corner excised. Koeberg 1968 1st ed, lt ed no 515. #125     


6 . DE VILLIERS  J   Namaqualand Narrative Recipe Book

Traditional recipes of the region, interlaced with solid tips for the flower-viewer and tourist. 44pp. Good condition in wraps. Privately published 1996 1st ed. #756     


7 . DORRINGTON  P ed   Seekos van die Weskus/Seafood of the West Coast

Booklet with English and Afrikaans recipes, some local in flavour, other adapted from well-known favourites. 84 pp with fwgs. Good condition in softcover. WPDSAA 1988. #827     


8 . DOWDLE  K   A Bibliography of Namaqualand

The author has included Greater Namaqualand ( Namibia) as well as ‘Little Namaqualand’, which has swelled the number of entries, though the bibliography is rather cursory. A number of periodicals have been included. Little Namaqualand is defined by latitude 19 degrees E and longitude 30degrees 30 minutes South, at about Garies.. 34 pp. Photocopy of original at NLSA. Privately published ? 1959. #470     


9 . DU PLESSIS  K & COWLING  V   West Coast – Cederberg to Sea

Wonderful evocation of the landscape, people, food and texture of this rich but sometimes very bleak region. 208 pp with numerous colour, and a few bw photos with map. Mint condition in laminated hardcover, quarto size. Struik 2006. #736     



Contributions by Danby P Fry, H Wedgwood and E B Watermeyer on the writings of Kolbe, Dapper, Bleek and Tindall regarding the etymology of the word. 21 pp plus 2p thumbnail biographies. Very good condition in wraps. State Library 1971 repr. #821     


11 . HANTAM   The Hantam Karoo

Brochure outlining the beauties of the Hantam area for tourists.. 24 pp unpaginated in full colour.. Mint condition. Hantam Karoo Tourism ca 1998. #239     


12 . HOERSKOOL NAMAKWALAND   Namakwalandse Resepte

Proven traditional recipes collected by scholars of the high school in Springbok. Afrikaans text. 100 pp. Very good condition in softcover. Van’s Photos Springbok 2002 5th imp. #760     


13 . JANSEN  C & VAN NIEKERK  A  J  J   Namaqualand – Thirstland in Bloom

A superb, mainly photographic essay of the floral abundance of this desert region during springtime.. Unpaginated, 25 pp text and bw illustrations, 142 colour photos. Very good condition with dw. Don Nelson 1981. #58     


14 . JANSEN  C & VAN NIEKERK  A  J  J   Namakwaland – Dorsland in die Blom

A superb photographic essay of the floral abundance of this desert region during springtime. Afrikaans text.. Unpaginated, 25 pp text and bw illustrations, 142 colour photos. Good condition in hardcover, no dw. Don Nelson 1981 1st ed. #477     


15 . JEPPE  B   Namaqualand

No 22 in the series “Pride of South Africa” this little book introduces the scenery, inhabitants and flora of the region to the reader.. 24 pp with bw and colour photos. Very good condition in wraps + 1 duplicate. Purnell 1976. #779      


16 . KWV   Olifants River

Brochure about the three towns of Clanwilliam, Citrusdal and Vredendal. 14 pp with colour photos. Good condition in A4 softcover. KWV no date. #795     


17 . LEIPOLDT  C  L   Dear Dr Bolus

Letters from Clanwilliam, London and America, mainly on matters botanical, between the author and his friend Dr Bolus.. 180 pp. Mint with dw. Balkema 1979 1st ed. #164     


18 . LEIPOLDT  C  L   Leipoldt’s Food and Wine

A compendium of books and articles written by the gastronome,  chef,  author and poet. 640 pp with numerous bw photos. Very good condition in faux suede, with original softocvers bound in. Wallstone Publishers 2004  2nd imp. #879     


19 . LEWIS  R ed   Saldanha Bay – Langebaan

An attractive little brochure illustrating some of the historical and natural features of the region.. 40 pp with colour illustrations and map. Good condition in hardcover with dw. Caltex no date. #386     


20 . LINKS  T   So praat ons Namakwalanders

An examination of a proud heritage of linguistic innovation among the Afrikaans-speaking population of the region.. 108 pp. Mint condition. Tafelberg 1989 1st ed. #60     



Folding brochure. 6 part fold-out. Good condition. Namaqualand Tourism no date. #404     


22 . NIENABER  G  S   Hottentots

Linguistics of this very difficult, to Europeans, group of languages. 539 pp. Very good condition, no dw. van Schaik 1963 1st ed. #189     


23 . NIENABER  G  S & RAPER  P  E   Toponymica Hottentotica 3 Vols ( A – G, H – Z & A – Z )

In-depth research into the Khoi-khoi components of place-names in South Africa, especially in the home-range of the Khoi tribes, which stretched along the Southern Cape Coast and then up the West Coast into Namaqualand and Bushmanland, as well as over the Orange/Garipe River into Namibia.. Good with dw (H-Z) inscr by Raper & Nienaber. S A Naamkundesentrum 1977 & 1980. #699     


24 . PAARMAN  I ed   West Coast Cookbook

A compilation of recipes by the Bergrivier Vissers Vrouevereeniging, to preserve one aspect of the traditions of the fishing community of the region. Some of the older recipes are born of the hardships experienced and are a tribute to the ingenuity of these hardy folk.. 143 pp with colour and bw illustrations. Mint condition in A4 softcover. Struik 2003. #568     


25 . PATERSON-JONES  C   Namaqualand – a Visual Souvenir

A noted phototgrapher’s view of the splendours of the region.. 80 pp, mainly colour photographs with captions.. Mint condition in hardcover with dw, oblong 8vo. Struik 1998 1st ed. #263     


26 . PATTERSON  F   Namaqualand, Garden of the Gods

Describes the glorious flower extravaganza of the Namaqualand spring featuring some fine photography.. 128 pp. Mint condition with dw, inscr by author on eps. Human & Rousseau 1st ed 1984. #19     


27 . PIETERSE  P   Tietiesbaaikos

Humorous stories; a so-called ‘Werfjoernaal’ from the Cape Columbine area on the West Coast, where the author spent many months in his caravan. Includes a number of seafood recipes.. 115 pp with dwgs. Good condition, photo glued inside covers with inscr.. HAUM 1985 1st ed. #201     


28 . PIETERSE   P   Dasseneiland

The author and his wife spent a few months ‘marooned’ on the island and lived off the bounty of the seas. One of his typical ‘werfjoernale’ full of humourous episodes and seafood recipes.. 195 pp with dwgs. Good condition in laminated boards, long inscr on eps. HAUM 1990 1st ed. #290     


29 . PIETERSE  P   Baai Baai Tietiesbaai

The hermit of the West Coast falls to the arrows of Cupid, and the Ingilsman enters his life. A book full of humour, cooking tips and hints on how to live off the ocean.. 134 pp with dwgs. Good condition in laminated hardcover, inscr on eps. Haum 1988 2nd imp. #312     


30 . PIETERSE  P   Spookhuiskos

An omnibus volume combining his experiences at Tietiesbaai near Cape Columbine on the West Coast, with his sojourn at Torrabaai on the Namibian Skeleton Coast. A humorous mix of ‘werfjoernal’ and cookery book, laced with commonsense advice on camping and living off the sea.. 427 pp with dwgs. Good condition in laminated hardcover. HAUM 1989. #497     


31 . RAPER  P  E   Streekname in Suid Afrika en Suidwes

Toponymy of South African place names, many of which have their origins in Khoi languages. Afrikaans text.. 195 pp. Very good condition with dw. Raad vir Geesteswetenskaplike Navorsing 1972 1st ed. #326     


32 . REID-BIENEDELL  J  R   The Lawrence Green – Where Is It ?

What most of the readers of this prolific author have been waiting for – an index covering all of his works, in which one can quickly find the subject and page number, while the author has used the year of publication, with a list of Green’s titles in the front of the book. An invaluable tool. 264 pp. Mint condition in hardcover with dw. Privately published 2007. #803     


33 . RICHTERSVELD WRITERS CIRCLE   Richtersveld our Land

A number of contributions by indigenous writers on the culture, people, nature and landscape of this arid region.. 70 pp with colour photos by C V Rjas.. Good condition in softcover. Richtersveld Indigenous Knowledge Database 2010. #950     


34 . ROOIBOSTEEBEHEERRAAD   80 Rooitee Wonders

Slender recipe book using this herbal tea which originatyes in the Cederberg region. Afrikaans text. 62 pp with colour illustrations. Good condition in laminated hardcover. Rooibosteebeheerraad 1979 2nd imp. #804     


35 . ROOIBOSTEEBEHEERRAAD   Skink en Skep met Rooibos

Recipe book with large numbers of delectables all containing that magical ingredient Rooibos tea – Aspalathus linearis. Afrikaans text. 93 pp illustrated with colour photos. Fine condition in laminated hardcover. Rooibos Bpk no date. #816     


36 . SATOUR   Northern Cape and Namaqualand

Colourful brochure illustrating the noteworthy tourist destinations of the province for the overseas visitor.. 33 pp illustrated in colour with map. Good condition A4 size. Satour ca 1990. #402     


37 . SPRINGBOK LODGE   Places worth Visiting in Namaqualand/Besienswaardighede in Namakwaland

Bilingual brochure listing 28 notable sites in the region.. 23 pp with colour illustrations. Good condition in wraps. Springbok Lodge 1998. #319     


38 . THOMAS  W  H   Greater Saldanha and the Development of the W Cape

A macro-economic investigation into the area, years before the Saldanha Steel plant and its satellite industries came to the region.. 110 pp with bw illustrations, maps and tables. Good condition in limp covers. Syfrets-UAL group 1973 1st ed. #3     


39 . TRUTER  C   West Coast – a Tourist Guide

A guide to the history and places of interest on the West Coast, from Cape Town north to the Olifants river, and beyond into the Hardeveld of Bitterfontein.. There are a number of factual errors in the book.. 198 pp with colour illustrations and maps. Good condition in softcover. West Coast Regional Services Council no date. #322     


40 . TRUTER  C   Weskus – ‘n Toeristegids

A guide to the history and places of interest on the West Coast, from Cape Town north to the Olifants river, and beyond into the Hardeveld of Bitterfontein. Afrikaans text. 200 pp with colour illustrations and maps. Mint condition in softcover. UCT Press 1998 rev 2nd ed. #824     


41 . VAN DYK  V   Lekkerbek Resepte uit Namakwaland

A collection of fairly simple recipes, without fancy ingredients, reflecting the ‘Boerekos’ traditions of the region. Contains a few dishes that could be local specialities. Afrikaans text. 305 pp with dwgs. Good condition in stiff card covers. Privately published no date. #807     


42 . VENTER  F  A   Water

An anthology dealing with that precious commodity in a land plagued by periodic drought. The author has assembled contributions by noted and unknown writers, dealing with every facet from meteorology through extraction and conservation, to poetry and fiction. Afrikaans text.. 567 pp with bw illustrations. Good condition, large 4to size in hardcover with worn dw.. Afrikaanse Pers Boekhandel 1970. #294     


43 . VON WIELLIGH  G  R   Ons Geselstaal

Author examines the roots of Afrikaans language as well as the regional variations, of which the NW Cape is a strong contender.. 292 pp. Ex library copy, full of stamps, eps excised.. van Schaik 1925 1st ed. #148     


44 . WALTERS  M  M & BOTHA  C  S   Droom van die Weskus

Afrikaans verse and stunning photographs of the Saldanha area of the West Coast.. unpaginated ?. Good condition with torn dw. Human & Rousseau 1976 1st ed. #61     


45 . WARNES  T  R   Saldanha

Bilingual brochure of the attractions and amenities of the town and surrounding countryside.. 32 pp with map. Good condition in grubby wraps. Rotary Club of Saldanha 1971. #364